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BSLA Members

BSLA Business Members

BSLA Members

The purpose of the Big Sauk Lake Association (BSLA) is to maintain and improve the environmental Quality of Big Sauk Lake and its watershed through a variety of best management practices, and to address issues that concern lakeshore property owners and businesses on or near the lake.

Lakeshore property owners and business on or near Big Sauk Lake stand to gain from the extensive efforts being made to preserve and promote the natural resources of the lake.

We encourage all lakeshore residents, seasonal residents, visitors and local businesses to invest in the future or the Big Sauk Lake community by becoming members of the Big Sauk Lake Associations. If you have not been a Big Sauk Lake Association member in the past, please consider joining this year. If you are already a member, we hope you will continue to support the endeavours of the Big Sauk Lake Association. continue to support these endeavours.


Board of Directors

President   Tim Weir
Vice President   Jeff Mayer - (Lake Watch N. 1/2)
Secretary   Wayne Yokiel
Treasurer   Rick Jennissen

Kevin Baartman
Vern Beckerman - (Lake Watch S. 1/2)
Jerry Beuning
Bob Bjork
Mike Blenkush - (Membership)
Mike Disher

BSLA Bylaws

The Big Sauk Lake Association is conducting their Annual Membership Drive. The support members have shown in the past has helped us accomplish a great deal.

Annual Membership $25.00

To join the BSLA send your membership dues
($25.00) along with your
Name, Address and Phone Number to:

Big Sauk Lake Association
Box 282
Sauk Centre, MN 56378

To print a membership form   Click Here

Also, tell us if you are a Lakeshore Owner,
Tier II Landowner or a Business.

MN Logo

MN Logo

Included on the DNR web site are
"Fish Sampled for 2007 Survey Year,"
"Fish Stocked By Species for the Last Five Years,"
"Status of the Fishery"
plus other interesting information about the Sauk Lake.

Go to Lake Information Report

Big Sauk Lake
Information Report

Map Small

2015 Big Sauk Lake Aquatic Vegetation Survey

For more information on the Aquatic Vegetation Survey

Go to Vegetation Survey

Shoreline Restoration Grant Procedure

For more information on the Grant Procedure

Go to Grant Procedure

Map Small

Big Sauk Lake Map

For more information on how to obtain a Big Sauk Lake Map

Go to Sauk Lake Map

For more information or questions on The Big Sauk Lake Association please e-mail us.

Go to BSLA Information

We need Volunteers to help with BLSA projects.     Interested?
For more information volunteering and volunteer projects

Go to Volunteers

MN Waters

Member Minnesota Waters
Citizens protecting and improving our lakes and rivers.

Go to Minnesota Waters

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Take Action
Clean, Drain, Dry

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BSLA Headline

BSLA Headline

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